Get Bonus PSN Cash by Using Your PayPal

Get Bonus PSN Cash by Using Your PayPal

This year Sony announced that you could put money into your Sony Entertainment Network Wallet with PayPal, after this great announcement they announced about a month ago that you could do it straight through the PlayStation Store on the PS3 system.

Now they’ve announced even bigger news: from today until December 23rd, 2013, when you add $50 to your SEN Wallet using PayPal Sony will give you $10 bonus cash. Which you can use for anything on the PS Store like buying games, or watching movies or even listening to music.

After you add the $50 to your account Sony will either send you an email and/or XMB message 12-16 days after December 23rd with your voucher code to claim the $10 SEN Wallet cash. You can visit for more details, and then you can go and get your $10 free cash.



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