Benefits and Cost for a PlayStation Plus Subscription

PlayStation Plus 12 Month Subscription

According to Sony, the PlayStation Plus membership would continue onto its new game console, PlayStation 4. Gamers can pay the same price for membership on all the three consoles, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. However, it is not yet clear whether gamers would have to get a membership to play the multiplayer on PlayStation 4. The confirmation is that players can access single-player content without the need for a membership.

One of the benefits of getting PlayStation Plus membership would consist of free access to Drive Club’s beta version and many other betas. In addition, you would also get 1 free game each month.

A PlayStation Plus membership would includes online gaming into the subscription. There are many other positive things, but Sony has not yet revealed anything about Gaikai.

PlayStation Plus 12 Month SubscriptionAccording to Sony’s Europe head, the company has planned to charge gamers for PS Plus membership while continuing to deliver exceptional value. Those who have all the 3 PS platforms would be able to get instant access to games on all 3 without any exception.

Critics claim that those who don’t have a membership to PS Plus should get it now. The new console is going to give a lot of emphasis to subscribers. It would also give you access to online movie services and catch-up TV. There are a number of similar features that have been linked to the subscription.

However, Sony has kept the social aspects of the PlayStation4 and its games and auto-updates outside PS Plus. This is an effort from Sony for keeping things balanced and maintaining fairness. However, paying the subscription allows you to take advantage of a new element that has become integral to gameplay–the PS Edition of DriveClub.

The PlayStation Plus is designed to bring gamers and games together and introduce an entirely new level of gaming on PlayStation 4. Some of the other benefits on the PS Plus include special game discounts, early access to content and programs, cloud game saving and Instant Game Collection (IGC) access. The IGCallows members to get instant access to a collection of games. This includes popular hits, classic titles and indie games.

PlayStation Plus offers free gamesThe extension of PlayStation Plus membership to online game play means that players can choose from a wide range of games that can be enjoyed by other member players of the PlayStation Plus community.

According to reports, Sony has not yet decided anything on including Gaikai into PS Plus. It is claimed that it may fall into the annual subscription fee of $49.99 per year. However, the Remote Play feature in the PS4 relies on certain Gaikai technology. This also indicates that PS Vita can also play PlayStation 4 games. Sony is bringing Gaikai’s playback on its console in 2014.

You can purchase PlayStation Plus membership from PlayStation Store. Gamers can save money by opting for a 3-month membership that costs $17.99 and a 1-month membership costing $9.99. However, an annual subscription saves you more and gives access to a continuous series of new games.

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  1. The new PlayStation 4 will use the same PlayStation Plus you have for your PlayStation 3 – so it will carry over into the new console. In addition, it comes with DriveClub and other free games, plus free games monthly! Do you have a PlayStation Plus subscription yet?


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