Battlefield 4 – Playstation 4 – Distance Issue


There is an issue we have come across when playing BF4 on the PS4. It does not happen frequently but has been noticed by more than one of the testers and has gotten some attention online. This is the “distance issue” where a bush or other item will fall out of the field of view and then possibly pop back into it.

Primarily a problem for players trying to hide or snipe behind “cover” only to have the cover disappear and leave the sniper vulnerable. Take a look for yourself below.

distance.gifThis is possibly the one or two places in the entire game where this error can be found… or at least where we have been able to locate it. This should not be considered representative of the other 99.99% of the game. Based on what we have found, and the gamers we have talked to, and the games we have compared the issue with… this seems to be a BF4 optimization issue and not a Playstation 4 issue.

When we know more, so will you.

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