Angry Birds for the PS4 – reviewed


Now here is a game where I did not know what to expect. Angry Birds Star Wars Edition. Now this could not possibly be the same game from my phone that I am pretty sure was free… I mean on the Playstation 4 the game costs $60 dollars. The price was amazing to me and is not something that is usually considered when offering a game review, but with the game being so cheaply available on smart phones and other devices it seemed like an incredibly high price for the game. That being stated lets move on.

angry birds 2The art for the game is acceptable, although it appears to be the exact same art is that on the mobile and tablet versions. Everything looks exactly the same, just larger. Really makes you wonder why it costs so much and why it was not just distributed through the PSN and charge much less.

the art being the same I guess could be expected, but one of the big differences (possibly the only difference between the console version and the mobile version) is the controls. Controlling the Angry Birds them selves is much more complicated on the console version and has a lot of potential for errors and missed shots.

angry birds 1For me the worst part of the game was simply the game… some how a game that could occupy countless hours of time (albeit in short bursts) on my mobile device felt odd to play in person on a console… and certainly became uninteresting over the course of an hour, a short period for console games but an incredibly long period of play for a mobile game.

This is not a game I would recommend buying and am happy that GameFly offered the game to us for rental keeping us from having to buy the game simply to review it.

Console Played On: PlayStation 4
Date Released: November 15, 2013
Reviewer’s Rating: 2.5 (out of 10)

Published by: Rovio Entertainment
Developed by: Rovio Entertainment
Engine: Box2D



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