AMD States NVidia is Bitter over PlayStation 4 Choices


According to Tony Tamasi of NVIDIA, the specifications of the PlayStation 4 are closer to a low-end processor and a low to mid-range GPU. He also added that it would offer only around 50% of the performance of the GTX680 GPU that is more than two years old. These were the comments from him about Sony using AMD for its PS4. According to the Director of ISV Relations–AMD, Neal Robinson, these are nothing but signs of bitterness from NVIDIA.

The PS4 was revealed in February where Sony had confirmed that the hardware for the game console would be based on AMD. The unique Jaguar APU would combine both the CPU and the GPU on the same chip. NVIDIA was the developer for PS3’s GPU, and a few months ago, it had come out with a statement claiming that they didn’t receive a decent offer from Sony that deterred them from signing the contract. However, the latest words from Tony Tamasi are claimed by AMD to be signs of bitterness.

article_imgNeal Robinson of AMD said that they are certainly going to do so because they are little biter. He claims that the Jaguar APU is better compared to a standard PC. He claimed that it is not easy to compare the features of an APU against individual CPUs and GPUs. It is expected that Microsoft’s next-gen console, Xbox 720 would also be using AMD hardware. However, it is not yet clear what specifications they would be and how they would compare against PS4 hardware.

NVIDIA, the Santa Clara, California based company claims that the SoCrunning the PlayStation 4with the GCN GPU, Jaguar CPU and 8GBGDDR5 VRAM is nothing but a low to middle range platform. Tony Tamasi was also the same spokes person for NVIDIA when they claimed that the price negotiations with Sony were not fruitful. According to AMD’s Robinson, the Jaguar APU is unlike the x86 solution that would involve nothing more than putting together an x86 PC-based architecture.

sony_playstation4_eventOverall, experts believe that the situation seems that NVIDIA is regretful for either refusing to go ahead with the deal or not getting things its own way. It is expected that this would be the scenario for the time, the PlayStation 4 remains on the market of for the period leading to the launch of Sony’s console.

Sony has already confirmed that the PS4 would have a processor that is at par with the AMD x86 CPU and a GPU that matches with Radeon HD 7850. it would be having an 8 GB high-speed RAM and a significantly large hard drive. It would have a new controller, known as the DualShock 4 with a share button, touch pad, light bar and headphone jack. The light bar would not just help identify players, but also act as a movement sensor using a 3D camera.

Loaded wit so many features and a powerful APU, gamers would certainly wait to get the new PS4 into their hands even though NVIDIA can keep making some claims based on ‘bitterness.’



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