Amazon will be offering $30 PS+

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It is not known yet if this will be a lighting deal or not, some gamers are worried it may be, but there is confirmation that Amazon will be offering a deal much like that at GameStop… “1-year sub of PS+ for $30”.

A huge savings… sadly the office has already purchased Playstation Plus… but for those that have not yet, this is an amazing deal. Amazon Buy Now ButtonFor those that do not know, this deal is good in all regions. So to our Canadian and UK friends this is  for you too.

Rumors are flying about what else, and what exactly will be happening on Amazon in regards to the Playstation 4 on cyber Monday… but it looks like there are going to be some amazing deals this one included. The best advice that can be given to any one who is looking for amazing deals this year is to just keep checking in on Amazon and see what/when things get interesting.



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