9.7 million Sony PS4 Games Sold So Far

9.7 million Sony PS4 Games Sold So Far

Sony’s next gen console, the PlayStation 4 sold over 9.7 million games in 2013 along with its 4.2 million consoles sold. Sony stated that they “couldn’t be more thrilled” with the results of the PS4 so far. It will be great to see the PS4 so competitive this time around with Microsoft’s equal, the Xbox One.

Globally the PS4 is beating the Xbox One, while Microsoft has had some success in the U.S. market; overseas shoppers are jumping onboard with Sony and the PlayStation 4. Microsoft and Sony will have a great battle to control this next generation of gaming but so far it looks like Sony has the upper hand.

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo showed off their newest products and innovations at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. Sony boasted PlayStation Now, the cloud based game streaming service for the PS4 that will allow gamers to stream all types of games, and it will be available this summer.

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