Over 50% of PS4 Owners Have PlayStation Plus

Over 50% of PS4 Owners Have PlayStation Plus

Sony’s CEO Kaz Hirai and CFO Masaru Kato had some things to say to us today about Sony’s Q3 financial reports. In a brief overview in the first call Masaru said that as of 2013, the PS4 has 4.2 million consoles and 9.7 million games sold. He also said the PlayStation Network has over 150 registered accounts, the same number as of November 2013.

Masaru said that December 2013 was the biggest month that the Sony Entertainment Network has ever had in terms of sales. He also brought up their release of the PlayStation Now service for many different devices, “We are diversifying revenue streams by aggressively rolling out network services in addition to the packaged software we have sold traditionally, and we are making moves with an eye onto the future. So the speed of the spread of PS4 is quite encouraging.”

Kaz Said, “We anticipate further robust growth and its firm establishment as a next-generation platform,” after bringing up the fact that the PS4 is coming out in Japan on February 22nd.

Kaz also said in the call that the target for the PS3 and PS4 sales is still 15 million for the fiscal year, even with the PS3’s recent decline in sales. “PS4, by the way, is doing a lot better than our expectations,” he said. “But PS3, because PS4 is doing so well, maybe PS3 is slightly behind anticipation, so there’s pluses and minuses, but altogether, remain with the same target of 15 million.”

When someone brought up the PlayStation Plus service on the PS4, Kaz then said that over 2.1 million PS4 owners have a subscription to PlayStation Plus:

“I’m going to just add a little more color by saying that [of] all the 4.2 million PS4s that have already moved into the hands of consumers, more than half of the people that have now gotten their hands with the PS4 have actually signed up for [the] PS Plus service, which bodes very well for us as well.”



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