5 Tips for War Thunder New Comers on the PS4


War Thunder is a great game that was kind of a hidden gem for the PlayStation 4’s launch lineup, in Europe of course, the game had yet to be released in the US; just like its contemporaries though, the game is a little daunting at first glance. How would you get easy XP? What country do you fight for? What plane flies best?

With the abundance of new pilots that will be joining the game soon, PS4Gamer and I decided to compile a list of little tips that might help you find your way in the game early on.

So here are the top 5 tips for newbie pilots in War Thunder.


1 – Farming Ground Targets

If you want to advance in War Thunder without spending real money you will need to grind and earn Research Points (RP) and Silver Lions (SL). The easiest way to do this when starting out is to farm ground targets. Armored things like AAA Sites, and armored cars will reward you with a lot of SL and RP providing you do destroy enough of them. Most missions early on in your career with be based on light vehicles which you can usually destroy with your basic machine guns. If you ignore aerial threats and focus on ground units you can rack up some good SL/RP, especially if you can get multiple kills in a quick succession. Once you’re done cleaning up ground units you can start killing enemy places to help your end of mission income.

2 – Boom and Zoom

This tactic consists of diving in on a target, shooting them as accurately as possible and quick gaining altitude again. It is one of the best methods for getting kills, especially in planes like the BF-109 or P51-Mustang who aren’t suited for turn based flights. You can gain decent altitude and pick out a target then start to dive. Using your speed and altitude advantage you can then dice down, target and hopefully get a kill. Then you can use your speed in the dive and change it to altitude again which helps you escape from counter attacks. Then you can just repeat the process.

3 – Start with British and Russian Planes

Of all the planes that are available in War Thunder it seems that British and Russians are the easiest to get a grip on. The reason being that they both have superior planes at lower tiers. The US and Japan are outclassed low tier planes. This is why I advise you to use British or Russian Planes when starting out in the game before trying out the US and Japan planes. I recommend the Spitfire it is a particularly superb fighter, and you can pretty much out turn any other plane in the game tier, and if you are skilled enough you can even beat out higher end planes. Experiment for yourself with the low tier Brit and Russian planes and see which one fits your style the best.

4 – Using you Flaps

The key to success is using your flaps, providing you know when and how to use them. Most of the planes have them, and they are usually needed to beat your opponent in a dog fight. Combat flaps or landing flaps reduce speed, but they also help with turns at times, which really helps when you are chasing a target and they are in a turn based flight. Raised flaps increase your speed but reduces your turning ability. If you are gaining altitude or speed you should have your flaps raised up. When you are caught in a dogfight though, especially at low level, you should switch to your landing or combat flaps so you can move around more efficiently.

5 – Helping Friendlies that are in need

If you look after your team during matches it has its bonuses. It will not only command respect and maybe see them return the favor, you also benefit from it. Example, if a friendly bomber is being attacked by an enemy, killing the enemy plane will give you the “Bomber Rescue accomplishment, which will bring you bonus RP/SL. Helping friendly ground units give similar rewards. These rewards slowly but surely add up, if you are actively destroying enemy ground units and enemy planes you will rack up a lot of SL/RP whenever the match gets tot eh end, whether or not your team wins.


If you have some more tips for your fellow pilots please share them in the comments section.



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